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Sow, and You Shall Reap

Dear Readers, It’s been a long time, I know. I’ve been a very busy bee. But my labors have borne fruit. Check out this week’s Philadelphia Business Journal feature on OpenDesks by Peter Key. Here’s a little backgrounder on how it came together. 1. Planning. After I identified Philly Biz Journal’s “Enterprise” section as great opportunity for my client, OpenDesks, I didn’t immediately hit them up for a feature pitch. I reached out to them with a decent (but not huge) announcement and said, briefly, “we’ve got bigger announcements coming in October. How about a deskside with the CEO to... View Article

Reach Out and Read Grabs Headlines with Client Stories

Dear Reader: Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer features a wonderful piece by Kristen A. Graham about Reach Out and Read Greater Philadelphia — an organization near and dear to my heart. I think you might find it instructive to learn how this story came to be. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Reach Out and Read program recently celebrated its 15 year anniversary.   But instead of pitching a story on the same-old “we’re celebrating 15 years of blah-blah-blah,”  it found interesting clients willing to be interviewed by a reporter.  The result is priceless:  a compelling human story that conveys, point-by-point, the value of the... View Article

Go From Media Dud to Media Stud in Two Days

Dear Reader: I write today to let you know about a great opportunity for learning the PR ropes: Tory Johnson’s upcoming Media Mania event, happening September 22-23 in New York.   I sat in on a call with Tory today to get the low-down on this event and can say with conviction: if you are serious about getting booked on TV and covered in the press, then this is the event for you. I’ve had the privilege of personally witnessing Tory Johnson steadily grow her business, from her very first Women For Hire career expo to becoming a regular contributor... View Article

In Defense of the Humble Press Release

Dear Reader, Before we even start, note the word “humble” in the headline. More on that later. Pity the poor press release.  It is perhaps one of the most misunderstood documents in PR – misunderstood by those who issue them and, yes, those who receive them. While plenty of columnists have declared the press release DOA – I’m here to tell you, the press release is alive and well and more powerful than ever. The truth is, while some columnists and bloggers were busy declaring the death of the press release, it was getting more powerful right in front of... View Article