QB2 helps clients harness the power of language to maximize scientific impact through deadline-oriented, expert writing and communication support. Services include:

  • Medical and scientific writing and editing
  • Detailed, scientifically informed, incisive edits addressing grammar, style, content, organization and persuasiveness
  • Extensive rewriting and reorganization to optimize message delivery
  • Scientific critique
  • Expertise in assisting writers whose first language is not English
  • Strategic communications planning
  • Goal setting, target audience identification, project prioritization, time line development and identification of barriers to implementation
  • Consulting and coaching
  • On- or off-site writing evaluations addressing content, structure, style, writing habits, hang-ups and schedules
  • One-time or ongoing individualized coaching to help faculty of all levels increase productivity and realize their writing potential
  • Verbal and written assessments of junior faculty to aid development of on-site departmental writing resources
  • Training and presentations
  • Dynamic, engaging, small or large group presentations
  • “Storytelling in Science” lecture
  • Guided workshops tailored to specific writing needs

In need of expert PR support?  Queen Bee Communications specializes in securing media placements for scientists and thought leaders by translating their work into news worthy, ready-to-serve, media-friendly stories.